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Hi, I'm Simon, the story I'm about to tell you, I tell you in confidence because I know that my situation, as bad as it was changed, and so can yours.

Erectile dysfunction and low sex drive ruined my life, for a solid period of 5 years, I was lost. Especially after my wife had an ongoing affair.

Why am I telling you this? Because, before it had gotten to this, before my wife had cheated on me, I would've wished I had seen someone or something like this: advising me on getting back on my feet and out of this rut. I'm making for you, what I wish I had. I've gone through the hardship, done the research, and went through the trenches so you don't have to.

I had ED problems, and they were bad, this led to many painstaking hours of continuous study on how to fix them. According to my research, there is 1 main thing I've come to find.

Nobody else is doing it right.

Yes, I know, hard to hear.

The pumps, the pills, the replacement therapy; they don't actually work. Frankly, if they did, you wouldn't be seeing stories like me. Would you?

That's why I'm here, with you, trying to start a *small* revolution of men, like you and I, who had a large problem with our small members and needed a fix ASAP.

Back to the research, though, and more specifically how I fixed my ED problems forever, and how you can too.

According to findings from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), it has become known that what we think is the cause (and what we've been told to believe), simply isn't. We've been duped.

In this big game of big dollars from Big Pharma, drugs like Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra are lining the pockets, very handsomely, of their top floor executives; while keeping people like you and I poorer and less happy.

First off, before we dive straight into the meat of the presentation, and how you too can get my natural supplement, please clear your mind, be prepared to take some notes and take everything you've learned from Big Pharma and throw those lies out the window.

I'm not from one of those companies, so I don't stand to make billions from your demise, I'm just a brother in arms, wanting to help you in the same way this revolutionary way saved me.
Remember how I said nobody else is doing it right?

I wasn't kidding.

In my research period of ED treatment, which lasted for months, I came across four supposed treatments that are used to dupe guys like you and I; furthermore, I found out that they're just shams used by big companies used to screw us out of hundreds, if not thousands, a YEAR!

  • 1. Body-Damaging Drugs
    • a. You've heard all about them, and if you're like me, you may have used some of them. I don't want to get another lawsuit (Big Pharma isn't happy I'm exposing their ways), but I'll name a few: Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra.
    • b. They don't work! In fact, if you've ever read the side effects that can happen, you'd be better off drinking a potion and hoping it works!
    • c. Did you know they damage your heart and that many have reported death as a result of it? No thank you!
  • Pumps
    • a. They just caused more pain and bruising of my little buddy, they never once helped.
  • 3. Low-T Therapy
    • a. A costly and embarrassing form of therapy, with which they'll scam you out of thousands, even though more than 95% of ED problems stem not from Low-T. See the problem? It doesn't even solve the root cause.
  • 4. Costly and Invasive Surgery
    • a. For $13,000, and an incredibly embarrassing and invasive operation, they'll go in and insert a "prosthetic" for your penis that supposedly fixes the issue. No thank you, I'll take my natural cure any day, much cheaper and effective!

In this presentation, I'm going to go over EXACTLY how I've gotten a second chance at life.

My love life, my sexual health; I feel like a new man, and I feel 5 years younger; my wife loves it too!

Now, if you're still skeptical, I understand, I probably would've been too. I'm used to taking it the easy way, taking the road that's mostly traveled. If somebody had told me a few years back that I can fix my ED problems within hours, for a fraction of the cost and without having to pay for costly and potentially damaging drugs like Viagra, I just wouldn't have believed them.

That's why I'm not asking you to believe me, don't take it from me.

Take it from Steve Thompson, from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Dear Simon,

I'm writing a short letter today to thank you for your hard work and research in creating this product.

Before your product, I was spending $3,000 for a full low-T therapy cycle. Guess what? It didn't work! I tried pumps, pills, the whole wazoo. In fact, I was getting ready to go for surgery.

The worst part? Everyone knew I was trying and that I was getting nothing. It's very embarrassing when the local pharmacists knows you by name because you come in for ED pills so often.

But, after finding your supplement, friends and co-workers are all asking what my "secret sauce" is. Everyone (Especially my wife) can tell the difference.

Not only down there, but also in my everyday confidence. It's a full transportation. I can't thank you enough, Simon. When you're here in Jersey, let me take you for a drink at my favorite bar.


Or Nathaniel Drew, from Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Simon,

This is your mate from down under.

I'm writing to let you know what a great success your product is and how you've changed my life around.

I've struggled with small penis syndrome my whole life, and especially as of the last few years, I've noticed "the engine slowing down", my wife has commented on it, and I have nothing to say about it. It's so embarrassing, Simon.

My marriage was taking a hit (Do you have any idea what it's like to not have sex for weeks?!), and the large lack of activity was boring my wife; she became antsy and no longer just wanted to talk.

I knew I didn't have much time.

My mate from work put me on your stuff, and to say it's worked is an understatement.

It damn near saved my marriage life mate! I love it. Every person around me, that will listen will get told about how Simon changed my life; until the day I die!

Bless you brother,

And Robert from Chicago who writes:

Simon, you're amazing.

I'm not gay, but I love you, haha.

See, I used to be the man. Everyone knew it and everyone loved me, especially my wife. I had "big dick energy" I was the macho man.

Then 50 hit, and it hit me like a truck. Next thing you know, my wife left me because she's "bored", for a guy YOUNGER than her. I'm lost for words, what do you do in this situation when everything's taken from you?

I didn't know how to cope, I got lost in drugs and alcohol.

One day at a doctor checkup, the doc told me that I either needed to change up quick or my body was going to give way, it couldn't take much more.

I made a decision that day. I'd go back to my prime, the one that I loved and the one that everyone loved. I got back in the gym, I ate right, and I quit my job and found one I liked. I even got married again, to the love of my life. But there was still something missing.

It didn't occur to me, until my wife mentioned it to me, in a joking (but very serious) way. It was my ED. I wasn't the man, I had it all, but my ED was holding me back, again.

I searched long and hard, and used everything under the sun, and what do you know! They don't work. I somehow found your website and thank golly me I did! I used your product once, and within hours, my problem has gone and my wife is asking for more.

I love you!

Albert, Nathaniel, and Robert are just three of the 87,297 people who have used this product to cure their ED problems, forever.

Many have reported times of hours, to see the difference!

I don't think we ever got fully acquainted, though. My name is Simon Jacobson, 51 years old, out of Del Ray Beach, Florida and my wife had an affair on me because of my poor sex drive.

I hate to say it, but I'll be the first to admit it, I remember it like it was yesterday, how I found out she was cheating on me, with a 26 year old (She's 47). (The exact date I found out was actually her 45th birthday, October 21)

She was in the shower, and we were about to go to a nice dinner. I had sent the reservations to her phone, so I checked the email to make sure everything was looking good for our night on the town.

"Please OMG you're so good, when are we doing it again?" is all I see in the last sent email to "[email protected]". This was Brendan! That 26 year old boy from her job. See, I always wondered why she talked about him so much! That damn kid, stealing my wife away from me. No wonder my wife was always so "tired" after work, it was because someone else was screwing her, and not me.

As you could imagine, I was furious, I wanted to rip this kid's head off; storm into the shower and call dinner off, but I kept my cool. I knew exactly what I was going to do. At dinner, I would bring the topic of cheating up, very very nonchalantly. Get her a little tipsy to get the real truth out of her.

See, this story isn't all too uncommon, unfortunately, 3 of my close buddies have reported a similar story; and 2 of them have gotten divorced as a result of it. It could happen to you, just like it happened to me.

We go to dinner, I don't end up getting her tipsy and getting the truth out of her simply because I'm ashamed of myself. Why am I such a loser? Why has it come to this? I used to be her Superhero. What happened? Why does she have to get action from someone half her age instead of me, her lawfully wedded husband?

So many thoughts raced through my head as I lie there, after yet another sexless night, even though it was her birthday, tossing and turning.

The following morning, I woke with a new mission.

Yes, I was going to go work like normal, I was going to continue acting normal; but discretely, I was going to research EVERYTHING there was to know about ED and how I can fix this for myself and for my life.

Everyday followed a similar routine, and it started to alarm my wife, because she began to think that maybe I was cheating on her, like she was on me.

I would go to work, come back earlier than I used to and I would essentially barricade myself in my home office, coming out only for dinner, where we would hardly talk, and I'd go back to work well into the wee hours (1-2am) of the morning. Again, this was all because of my damn penis problems. I refused to go to a doctor, I don't need someone inspecting me and telling me my 3 inch trooper was useless, I'll figure this out myself.

So I began.

By the end of it, I probably could've gotten a degree in Urology.

I started with the first of the main four treatments.


Viagra, Cialis, and a few that you have definitely not heard of.

What were people saying about them?

  • 1. They were ungodly expensive

That's fine, I'll pay the price if it means I can have my masculine energy and my normal life back. It would've cost a little over 4 figures a month just to fund my monthly supply. Steep, but if it is the reason I can live again and have sex again? Maybe I'll consider it.

  • 2. According to WebMD, over 1,000 people have died using it.

Ok, I don't want to die just to get hard. May have to rethink this approach.

  • 3. Increases one's susceptibility to heart disease or STROKE

Nope, not doing it. Drugs are out of question.

Well, that was a lot of wasted paper. I must've printed 75 pages of material just on these drugs, all annotated and written on to see potential correlations and potential fixes for me. The process of going through this took about a week.

Week 1, done. No results. Sex life: still nada.

Next, I looked over pumps.

This didn't take very long to realize that I was 100% not doing this.
I refuse to put a seal over my penis, and pump it up, like a damn balloon before I go and pleasure my wife. Plus, I'd rather not have the awkwardness and unnatural erections that occur as a result of them. To add onto this, one of my buddies, who's tried this, told me his member now has bruising and red dots on it. Nope, not doing that shit.

Week 2 was halfway done, with no results. The remainder of Week 2 and 3 were spent researching the use of Low T Therapy.

This resulted in calling of local facilities, email correspondence with urologists, and reading several papers of academia. Many hours, little sleep, and lots of notes later. I found a study from UCLA that answered all my questions. Only 5% of Erectile Dysfunction Cases are a result of Low Testosterone.

Question solved: I'm not wasting $3,000 for a full cycle, only to have a 5% chance that it works!

I'm not that gullible.

Week 3, done. Results? None. Sex life: I tried once this week, she told me she was "busy" and proceeded to continue watching television.

Finally, I came to penis surgery.

I was on the fence about this, if it wasn't going to hurt me, maybe I should give it a shot?

But, first off, it was $13,000 to do. And second, the risk were far too high.

According to Michael O'Leary of Harvard Medical School***, you run the risk of "infections, nerve damage, reduced sensitivity, and difficulty getting an erection".

Essentially, the way a penis enlargement surgery works is that it cuts out a ligament that connects the body to the penis. In a sense, it's not even lengthening the penis, it's literally just bringing out what you couldn't see before. And it's not worth it.

Week 4, done. Results? None, other than constant bags under my eyes and a, now, worried wife. Sex life: Tried once more, she literally said "no".

After researching day in and day out for the first month, I had almost nothing to show for my efforts. It made me want to give up. I was starting to believe that maybe I was just meant to live out the rest of my life in sexual frustration...accepting the fact that my wife Will just cheat on me.

This was my lowest point, I almost wanted to just tell her to keep getting her fix from that young kid, and I'll just be here.

I remembered a line from my favorite movie, Scarface. Tony Montana said "All I have in this life are my balls and my word, and I don't break them for nobody". This was my favorite movie growing up, and still was. How could I not live up to this? I wanted to be Tony, I wanted to be the man. How could I give up so quickly?

My breakthrough had to be on the way.

I could either stop now, or join the masses of men who allow their wives to have sex with other men.

I had had it. Enough of my pity party, it wasn't getting me anywhere.

The past month, fine, I had gotten nowhere. But, at least I learned where to look and what to look for. Maybe I was onto something?

This was what I wanted to finally give me erections "on-demand", so I could finally enjoy sex with my lovely wife again. This is what has helped 97,296 men, just like you and I, worldwide have the same results in their sex lives as well.

I'll go over, very briefly, how I got to it, my Huge Male Secret.

I realized I was looking in all the wrong places.

See, I was looking for treatments, but why not go straight to the cause, and stop it there?

So, I scrapped the treatments, the surgeries, the pumps.

Now, I was looking solely for natural and holistic ways to find out why my dick was so small and why my erections were nonexistent.

I came up with this simple secret: ED and penises really aren't all that complicated, it's actually really simple. But, as long as the Big Pharma companies have you thinking it's so complex that only they can treat you, then only can they fleece you for thousands a year.

Now, I did dabble into a little bit of research on aphrodisiacs and the effect of them on the body. I'm not going to go into that right now, but it's safe to say that they are completely and utter bullcrap. They're dangerous, untested, and not regulated by the FDA, which means the Chinese factories producing them could just be cutting them with some harmful substances.

So I switched to the last part of science that I knew of. Everyday, holistic science.

See, there are already that there are literally dozens of enzymes, amino acids, proteins and other natural chemicals that are either already inside of our bodies...

Or that are in FDA regulated supplements and foods that are available at your local store.

Wait. This was it. It's everyday science, regulated by the government, and safe for consumption. Many times, we're eating these amino acids and natural chemicals in the first place, just separately.

What if I could come up with a safe mix of all of them together, combined for maximum potency and much higher safety than anything from Big Pharma?

And that's what I did.

See, All it takes to achieve an erection is relaxed blood vessels. Which then allows the blood to flow in and create pressure in your penis!

It's not all that difficult.

Armed with this information, and newfound curiosity to get to the bottom of this matter, I went back to the battle station, my office chair. I curated a list of 60-70 of these amino acids, proteins, and chemicals that were conducive to having rock solid boners.

I took a beeline to the garage, got in my car, went to the grocery store and purchased so many different combinations of foods and supplements.

It took me about 3 weeks of just experimentation and constant journaling of effects for me to finish off all the food.

And I was left with no clear results, and a credit card bill of $267 of random foods and supplements, RATS.

The next day, dejected, I made the walk of shame to my home office as I prepared for the day's work.

That's when it happened. All at once, I got rock solid.

I mean, Mountain solid, I could feel the blood rushing in, my vessels being relaxed.

My wife was in the room next door watching television.

I ran in.

Ripped off each of our clothes.

And over the next solid hour, we had the absolute best sex we'd have ever had in the last twenty years... I was throbbing the whole time and she could feel it... And once we were done, she asked me what the heck happened?

Did I get a surgery behind her back, did I start taking large doses of drugs? What was it?

I told her the truth, full disclosure. Everything. I explained why I was in the home office so late and what I was doing. About the affair, and how I was too afraid to tell her, and how I felt small in the face of her 26 year old lover.

At first my wife was angry that I hadn't been telling her the truth, but as I continued to explain to her everything that I'd gone through, the resentment she had quickly vanished, and turned into an understanding and gratefulness for what I have done for myself and for her... And after roughly an hour of talking, she turned to me with a smile and said, "I'm ready for us to try out your discovery again..."

To be quite honest, I was a little worried when she told me this because even though I'd been extremely hard the first time we'd made love, I was uncertain that I would be able to repeat those sorts of results just one hour after finishing...

Almost immediately after she kissed me however, I became extremely hard again, and all of my worries quickly disappeared.

And after another intimate session that night, and three more the following day, I finally got out of bed, hurried to my office, and looked through my notebook.

There was only a small problem. I had to figure out which one of the 65 combinations I had tried was the reason I was getting on demand boners.

Luckily however, it didn't take me long to figure it out. I simply repeated the one I'd used the day before... having a small snack with the foods that included the amino acids, enzymes, and proteins I'd wanted, and then taking a simple to find supplement that contained another important amino acid...

The next night, as we my wife and I were enjoying a nice home-cooked meal. She grazed her hand on my thigh, and I literally couldn't control myself. I stopped eating, picked her up and practically threw her on the couch.

Safe to say, my wife was in a very good mood for the next month. This was the breakthrough I needed.

Not only was the combination of foods inexpensive, they were free of risk and they were interchangeable. It's not because of the foods themselves that I was getting rock solid, on demand erections, it was because of the chemicals inside them.

So, when I get bored of having the same snack, I'll just switch it up, as there's a lot of varieties to choose from.

But, it wasn't just my wife who noticed the change in me.

My coworkers, buddies, and family members were also wondering what had gotten into me? Was I juicing, was I on TRT, what was it?

I laughed, and explained to them that I had just found a combination of chemicals, naturally found in foods. That had fixed my depression and sexual health! This newfound confidence reminded me of being 2 decades younger.

I looked and felt like a million bucks again.

My buddies wanted to try my "Huge Male Secret", so I crafted an easy to follow blueprint of the exact amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and chemicals they needed to get into their body to get the exact same results I was getting.

Most of them didn't believe, they thought I was bullshitting. "This can't be true, Simon." "You're kidding, right? It's this easy". But they were soon eating their words like alphabet soup.

Soon, I was getting calls from their wives about how grateful they were to me about "whatever I was doing with them". My buddies were ecstatic too.

Every single one of them, nonbelievers and believers, were contacting me, almost nonstop, telling me how it had worked for them. How they were experiencing the same results I was.

I actually got a call from a known Pharmaceutical company not too long ago. (Not saying the name, but they make some of the most well-known erectile dysfunction pills on the market) They offered me a payoff of $10,350,000 if I would give them my formula.

It was tempting, but I said no. How could I support the same company that was not helping me when I needed it, and wasn't helping my brothers in arms, who are going through the same thing as me?

I couldn't. I told them to never contact me again.

That leaves me with a life-changing process, but nowhere to share it with people. That's why I've put up this site. I call it "The Huge Male Secret".

It is the only all natural solution to permanent ED solution on the market.

I've combined my months of research and thousands of hours of toiling into this easy to read and follow list of what to do and what not to do.

Once you get on the inside, you'll also get my personalized guides on exactly how you should eat them (empty or full stomach), the tastiest combinations, and the frequency at which to consume.

This is 100% All Natural, 100% Side Effect Free, and 100% Proven to Work.

You, yes you, will be able to see results within 24-48 hours of administering the strategies I outline in the guide.

At that point, you can stop, but I would suggest just continuing the regiment for a month for continued growth and removal of your symptoms. There's no harm, and only gain.

Just imagine.

The change you could have, the entirely different man you could be.

No longer worried about performance.

Your question of confidence is a thing of the past.

And this is what 96,296 people, just like you have reported.

People like Jeffrey Clark, of Salt Lake City, Utah who says.

Simon, a million thanks.

I know you're getting a lot of shit now for putting out the Huge Male Secret and keeping your name attached to it. I guess the supplement is working because you have some big balls doing that.

It's really changed my life. I have literally tried everything to fix my ED. Pumps, pills, random shit online, everything. Guess what? Nothing worked. I was burning through money like crazy and my doctor said the only viable way to cure it was some $15,000 surgery!

A friend showed me your website, bless his soul.

Friday, I used the guide.

Monday, I went in for a checkup and my doctor literally had to pick his jaw off the ground.

He was stunned. I explained the guide and how you were doing it and he said it made complete sense and was very safe to do. He said he wished he had come up with this sooner so he could make a killing off it hahah!

I'm telling all my friends and family about how you, Simon, have changed my life. To whoever is on the fence about this, BUY IT, it's an investment you will NOT regret.


Given that it's worked for 97,296 people just like you, I considered pricing it at around $1,000.

This would be cheaper than a 2 month supply of Viagra, and unlike Viagra, this is all natural, is proven to work, has no side effects, and you don't have to be hooked on it for it to work.

Remember, the only way Viagra makes money is if you have to keep going to them for your fix.

I don't operate on a recurring basis, you buy now, and I won't ask you for money ever again. That's how you know I want to help you and not just fleece you for a couple of dollars.

$1,000 would still be ⅓ the cost of a full cycle of Testosterone treatment, too. Which doesn't even work, mind you.

$1,000 is a round number.

But, I want to appeal to the average joe. I remember when I was starting out on this journey, I was blowing through money left and right trying to get something started. $1,000 wasn't really in the budget.

But, it isn't about the money, it never really was. It was about the change I had in my marriage and confidence and swagger I lived my life through after this. I want more men to experience that too.

I remember that feeling, not too long ago, I was in your shoes. Wondering, if this would ever get better. Which is why for only as long as this site is still up, you can get the Huge Male Secret..

The entire food lists, the full list of mixtures and essentials, and the guide to combining them, the daily portion amounts, and everything else...

for the low price of $69 a bottle.

This is a far cry from the $1,000 I could've gotten. Because, I care about you. I want to see you get better, just like I did.

Just press the button below this presentation, that will take you to our cyber-secured 256 bit protection webpage just like this... From there, you enter your information and you will be on your way to rock hard erections on demand.

You know what? I'm so confident in the effectiveness of this product that I'll go ahead and give you a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works...

You simply click the "Add to Cart" button that's below this presentation. You'll then have 60 full days to evaluate the powerful, long-lasting, and immediate erection generating program that I've created.

Simply send me an email to the address I'll give you inside the program and I will instantly refund your entire purchase with NO questions asked.


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You have absolutely nothing to lose here as I am going to take all the risks. Huge Male Secret will change your life completely. It will solve the intimacy issues you may be having in the bedroom and increase your penis size, it will restore your vitality, make you feel like a full and complete man again, and your confidence level will be through the roof.

But you really do have to act fast.

I know this might sound weird, but I have put my family's name out there attached to this product. I love my tribe of men, but I love my reputation and name as well.

My wife is happy that I'm helping so many people out of the same plight we experienced, but she has asked me to limit the production and shipment of bottles to just 10,000.

Combine this with the fact that I'm getting threats from Big Pharma companies (not allowed to say the specific names, but you've seen them before), telling me to take down this website or else.

So, if you come back in 2 weeks and this website is no longer up. I can't help you, I'm sorry. Once we sell out, there's no more production. It's a one-time limited run.

Or you can make the call today, make a change today.

Or go for a risky procedure, or potentially stroke causing pills or treatments that don't work.

The Huge Male Secret is available right here, right now to you, risk free.

Will you take me up on this offer?

You may be saying, ok this sounds amazing and I'm interested! How do I get Started?

Click the yellow button below after choosing the best package for you, and you'll end up on our secure checkout page. Enter your payment details, place the order... and in 7 days from this moment, you'll get the The Huge Male Secret right at your home!

Simon Jacobson


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Still here? No worries, I understand your concern. I've gone ahead and answered all of the most common questions I've gotten from friends (and strangers) regarding the Huge Male Secret.

Q: How long does it usually take to deliver?

A: Normally packages are received by our customers with 3-5 days

Q: What happens after I click add to cart?

A: Once you click on the add to cart button that is right below this video, you will be taken to our secure checkout page. Just put in your information and you will be receiving the Huge Male Secret in the post after 3-5 days.

Q: Why do you offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

A: It's worked for others and me, so I know it can work for you. Again, if for any reason, you aren't satisfied, email me within 60 days of purchase, and I'll give you all of your money back.

Once you click on the add to cart button below, you will also get a full 60-day money back no questions asked guarantee to try out the Huge Male Secret. Simply send me an email and I will personally take care of your refund if you are unhappy for whatever reason.

Q: How long will this program remain on the internet?

A: Not entirely sure. I could hit 10,000 units this week, or a Pharmaceutical company can hack my site and take it down tomorrow. If you're serious about rapid change in your life, fast, buy before it's too late

Q: Is there anything else I should know about?

A: For people considering trying out Huge Male Secret, I just want to let you know how confidential it is. Imagine this: instead of having to wait in line at the pharmacy counter to pick up your E.D. meds – or have your significant other know your taking pills or injections... Now you can get everything delivered discreetly and securely. Your choice.


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Total: $69

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The Huge Male Secret